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Unleash the potential of your landscape and get rid of that stubborn tree stump with our professional expertise. With advanced equipment, we can handle even the toughest excavations to ensure complete removal. Stop tripping over it or avoiding it altogether – maximize your yard’s visual appeal and start fresh today!

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Should you remove the stump yourself?

While the root system is one underground hazard for stump removal, other obstacles to consider are underground utilities such as water pipes, gas lines, electric, and cables. Hitting a water pipe during stump removal can flood your yard in a matter of minutes and gas lines are serious fire hazards.

What happens if you don’t remove a stump?

If left untouched, a tree stump and roots will start to rot and, over time, become home to pests, fungi, and other organisms. And sometime the roots will keep growing.

Stump grinding job examples and pricing.

The average rate ranges from $2 to $3.50 per inch. If your tree service company charges $3 per inch, and you have a 20-inch stump to grind, that would amount to approximately $60. (then lets share 2 more prices examples/range up to $600) Plus examples of stumps and sizes.

Client Testimonial

“What my husband and I both appreciated was the fact that Jeff reached out to us twice to confirm the date and time as it got closer. They were very prompt, and friendly and did an EXCELLENT job!”


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